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Top 10 apps made by Google
Top 10 apps made by Google

Top 10 apps made by Google.

Top 10 apps made by Google.

1. Major

Top 10 apps made by Google. This is an excellent example of augmented reality. It allows you to measure the distance, size and shape between different objects in the vicinity using AR technology through the camera of the mobile. However, to use this app, your phone must have Google’s AR Core feature support. Download: Android

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2. Files by Google

Files by Google

This app first came with Android Go Edition called Files Go as the default file manager. Google later released it in the Play Store for other Android phones. Not only is this a file manager, but it also allows you to remove junk files from your phone. It also has backups in the cloud and sends files like Share It. Download: Android

3. Google Maps

Google Maps

Although Google Maps is our daily companion, not many people know about this app called My Maps. It’s actually a tool to create your own map. This allows you to create a personalized map of any area using the pointers of your choice. Download: Android.

4. Neighborly

This app is still experimental in the Play Store. However, this is a very nice app. At the same time it has a lot of potential. The app is a lot of Kora or this type of knowledge sharing type app. Here one can ask questions about a particular place and other users can answer. Ensuring its proper use may be of great benefit to new residents in any area. Download: Android.

5. Expeditions


This is a very unfamiliar app. Being a standalone app, Google does not market it in the same way. This is basically a virtual reality app. With the help of this, you will be able to travel from different historical places to space with the help of virtual reality. This app will be very useful to teach children. As well as adults will have fun using it. Download: Android, iOS.

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6. Photo Scan by Google Photos

Photo Scan by Google Photos

This is basically a camera app. However, this app will help you scan and digitize any document or printed picture using your phone’s camera. It produces high-quality output by taking separate pictures of different parts of a large document and attaching them by itself. Moreover, it has several features including auto cropping, glare removal. It will be very useful to digitize old pictures or documents lying in the house. Download: Android, iOS.

7. Tuntastic 3D

Toontastic 3D

Although it is primarily designed with children in mind, people of all ages will enjoy using it. It can be used to create 3D animations with the help of some simple drag and drop tools. You can also record your own voice and add to the animation. Download: Android, iOS.

8. Cardboard camera

This is also a camera app. This allows you to take 3D pictures of any place. Interestingly, with the picture you can also record the surrounding sound of the place. Later you can see them using VR goggles using this app. Download: Android.

9. Google Spotlight Storage

Google Spotlight Storage

In this app, Google has made 360 ​​degree movie with the help of some 3D animations. With these movies you can get a wonderful experience of 3D scenes and sound. The app is for entertainment purposes only. Google hasn’t added too many stories here yet. However, you can test the ones that are there for now. Download: Android, iOS.

10. Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture

This is going to be a favorite app for those who deal with history. Through this you will be able to see various art and historical monuments from more than 650 archives. Moreover, you can also make virtual trips to different museums. Download: Android , iOS.

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