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circuit breaker
circuit breaker

About circuit breaker?

Simply put, a breaker is an automatic device that gives security. This suggests that it’s a tool that keeps electrical and electronics equipment safe. When there’s excessive power flow within the line (in the machinery) any accident can happen which protects the Breaker may be a sort of device which will open or close a circuit altogether conditions (no-load condition, full load condition and faulty condition).

What does breaker work? The is automatically protects the circuit when the voltage is above the planning voltage during a circuit. Just in case of short in AC line (line to line or line to neutral). Breaker works if there’s excess load and voltage increases.

what is LT Panel

Types of circuit breakers:

1. supported arc or fire extinguishing

  • Well Circuit breaker.
  • Air Circuit breaker.
  • Sulfur hexafluoride Circuit breaker.
  • Vacuum Circuit breaker.

2. Supported service

  • Outdoor breaker
  • Indoor breaker

3. Supported operating mechanism

  • Spring operated breaker.
  • Pneumatic breaker.
  • Hydro-electric breaker.

4. Supported the voltage label installation

  • High voltage breaker
  • Medium voltage breaker
  • Low-voltage breaker

5. It also can be divided within the following ways

  • Magnetic breaker.
  • Common trip breaker
  • Thermal breaker
  • Disconnecting breaker
  • Carbon dioxide breaker

To learn more

  1. MCB > Miniature Current breaker . 👈
  2. MCCB > Moulded cash Current breaker . 👈
  3. HRC > High Rupturing Capacity. 👈
  4. ELCB > Earth Leakage Current breaker 👈
  5. ACB > Air Current breaker 👈
  6. VCB > Vacuum Current breaker 👈
  7. OCB > Oil Current breaker 👈
  8. RCCB > Residual Current Current breaker 👈
  9. LBS > Load Break Switch 👈

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